Terms and conditions for online sales

Each customer must first register in order to complete the order. After the completion of the order, an e-mail will be sent to the specified address by the buyer, to confirm the order.

The purchase can be made in the following way: With the following payment cards:

Visa; Visa Electron; MasterCard; Maestro (only if there is a CVV2/CVC code on the background of the card) and the payment is made through our partner Hulk Bank.

Or by direct bank transfer, through which option, the buyer makes the payment through the bank by paying the funds through bank transfer.

Since the product is virtual, it is delivered to the customer’s email address, and an invoice is also delivered. The confirmation and the invoice are sent to the buyer after the payment of the funds through the bank or after the completion of the card payment. It is the buyer’s responsibility to print the receipt for the subscription(s) received at the email address to confirm the purchase during the registration of the event.

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